2010 ~ Quorra meets Sam

Quorra first met Sam when she charged onto the Light Cycle Grid and rescued him from Clu. Gradually forming a bond with Sam, she went against Kevin's wishes and secretly aided him to find her old friend Zuse, only to rescue him once more when the End of Line Club came under attack. During the fight, she was critically wounded with her arm partially derezzed, causing her to shut down and lapse into a catatonic state.


Quorra's personality is quite innocent and at times naive. Her innocence in a social setting gives way to a form of determined passion when she is confronted by dangers, and under such circumstances she can become very protective of the people she loves. Her bravery is such that she is willing to be self-sacrificing, "removing herself from the equation", to protect those who are important to her.

Quorra likes reading books from the real world, taking a particular interest in books by Jules Verne, She even asks Sam if he knows Verne personally. Quorra bonds with Sam throughout the course of TRON: Legacy, and shares a master-student relationship with Kevin. She becomes good friends with Anon in TRON: Evolution, and is deeply affected by his loss.

Skills and Traits

Quorra is an accomplished warrior, possessing significant skill with the sword and her identity disc. She uses these two weapons in tandem, with the sword providing much of the striking, and occasional parries, while her disc is predominantly used for defensive actions in a similar manner to a buckler shield. Unlike most disc-users, she refrains from employing it as a thrown missile weapon, preferring instead to keep it for melee use.

Quorra is also a skilled driver and pilot, capable of guiding vehicles through complex terrestrial and aerial stunts. Her intrinsic talent allowed her to quickly master the unfamiliar controls of a Light Jet and pilot it through a protracted dog fight.

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